Does Mercedes Benz Have Apple CarPlay? Here’s What You Should Know

If youre in the market for a new car, youre probably looking for a vehicle that has the latest technology available. Apple CarPlay is becoming increasingly popular in vehicles, giving drivers access to their favorite apps, navigation systems, and music. So, the question is: Does Mercedes Benz offer Apple CarPlay? In this article, well discuss exactly what Apple CarPlay is and which models are compatible with the feature. Keep reading to learn the answers to all of your CarPlay questions!

Does Mercedes Benz Have Apple Carplay?

Mercedes Benz offers Apple CarPlay as an option on many of their vehicles.

This in-vehicle infotainment system allows drivers to access Apple’s suite of apps and services while driving, making it a safer and more convenient way to use their iPhone.

CarPlay is compatible with most iPhone models, including the iPhone 5 and later, and can be accessed through the cars built-in display or via the touchpad on the center console.

Once connected, users have access to their music library, can make hands-free calls, get directions, and send text messages.

They can also access Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, as well as third-party apps like Spotify and Waze.

CarPlay offers a range of features that Mercedes Benz drivers can benefit from, making it an excellent way to stay connected while on the go.

Does My Mercedes Has Apple Carplay?

The question of whether your Mercedes has Apple CarPlay depends on the model, year, and trim level of the vehicle.

Generally, it is available on most Mercedes-Benz models from 2016 onwards.

To be sure, you can check the specifications of your car on the official Mercedes-Benz website.

If your Mercedes is compatible with Apple CarPlay, you may be able to access it through the onboard infotainment system.

Different Mercedes models and years have different systems, such as the COMAND system, Audio20 system, or MBUX system.

If your Mercedes doesn’t have Apple CarPlay as a standard feature, you may be able to install it as an aftermarket option.

Many third-party companies offer kits that allow you to install Apple CarPlay in compatible vehicles.

However, make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing a kit.

In summary, the answer to the question of whether your Mercedes has Apple CarPlay depends on the model, year, and trim level of the vehicle.

You can check the specifications on the official Mercedes-Benz website, or you may be able to add it as an aftermarket option if it is compatible with a third-party kit.

How Do I Get Apple Carplay On My Mercedes?

Installing Apple CarPlay on your Mercedes is a great way to stay connected while you’re on the road.

It’s an intuitive way to access music, navigation, and messaging services, all just with a few taps on the steering wheel or center console.

To begin, make sure your Mercedes is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Visit your local Mercedes dealership to have a technician check your specific model’s compatibility.

Most newer Mercedes models are compatible, but double-check to be sure.

If it is compatible, the technician can provide you with the necessary parts and instructions to install Apple CarPlay.

After confirming compatibility, install the Apple CarPlay software onto your Mercedes.

To do this, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mercedes.

This will allow your Mercedes to recognize the software and install it.

Once it’s installed, connect your iPhone to your Mercedes via Bluetooth.

This will enable your Mercedes to access the content from your iPhone and display it on the dashboard.

Finally, configure your Apple CarPlay settings.

Open the Apple CarPlay app on your iPhone and choose the settings tab.

Here, customize the way Apple CarPlay works for you, such as which apps to show on the dashboard and the look of the interface.

Once it’s all set up, you can make the most of Apple CarPlay features.

Play your favorite music, find the best route to your destination, message and call your contacts, and more.

Apple CarPlay is sure to make your Mercedes experience even more enjoyable.

What Year Did Mercedes Get Apple Carplay?

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz was one of the first car manufacturers to introduce Apple CarPlay, as part of their commitment to providing customers with the best and latest technology in the automotive industry.

This marked a significant milestone in the industry, as it was the first time a car manufacturer had integrated the iPhone into its vehicles.

Since then, Mercedes-Benz has been continually upgrading their vehicles with the latest versions of Apple CarPlay, such as the 2017 version which included a large number of updates and improvements, such as the ability to access Siri and Apple Maps directly from the vehicle’s multimedia system, as well as the capability to use Apple Music, a new interface for controlling the climate control settings, and other updates.

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz released the latest version of Apple CarPlay, which included wireless connectivity, improved voice recognition, and improved media playback, as well as the ability to control the vehicle’s climate control, manage audio, and access additional apps.

Now, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are some of the most advanced when it comes to incorporating Apple CarPlay into their vehicles.

From luxury sedans to SUVs, Mercedes-Benz has become a benchmark for automotive technology.

Does 2016 Mercedes Have Apple Carplay?

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz models do not have Apple CarPlay as a standard or optional feature.

However, if you’re looking for a 2016 Mercedes-Benz with Apple CarPlay, your best bet is to look for a late-model used car.

These used cars may have the COMAND multimedia system and were built late enough in the 2016 model year to include Apple CarPlay.

Additionally, some aftermarket solutions are available for installing Apple CarPlay in 2016 Mercedes-Benz cars.

On the other hand, many of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz models offer Apple CarPlay as a standard or optional feature.

For example, the 2017 C-Class, E-Class, GLC-Class, and GLE-Class all have Apple CarPlay as an available feature.

This feature allows you to use select iPhone apps directly from the car’s display, such as navigation, music, and other features.

In summary, if you’re looking for a 2016 Mercedes-Benz with Apple CarPlay, you may be able to find a late-model used car with the feature.

Additionally, some 2017 Mercedes-Benz models offer Apple CarPlay as a standard or optional feature, and there are some aftermarket solutions available for adding Apple CarPlay to 2016 Mercedes-Benz cars.

Does 2016 C Class Have Apple Carplay?


The 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class does not come standard with Apple CarPlay, but it does come with the Mercedes-Benz COMAND multimedia system, featuring an 8-inch color display, Bluetooth connectivity, HD Radio, and Navigation capabilities.

To upgrade your vehicle to include Apple CarPlay, you can purchase the Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 package.

This package allows you to connect your iPhone to your vehicle via Bluetooth or USB and access Apple CarPlay.

Additionally, the mbrace2 package includes other features such as remote start, vehicle monitoring, and destination search, plus a complimentary trial of Mercedes-Benz Concierge – a personal assistant service to help you with tasks like making reservations or locating the nearest gas station.

The mbrace2 package is an optional upgrade available on select 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class models.

Does 2017 Mercedes C300 Have Apple Carplay?

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 does not feature Apple CarPlay, as it was not available in vehicles until the 2018 model year.

Now, Apple CarPlay is a highly sought-after option, allowing drivers to access music, maps, messages, and more right from their vehicle’s display.

The interface is user-friendly and compatible with Apple devices, making it easy to take advantage of the features you love from your iPhone or iPad.

Though the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 does not have the latest technology, it is still a great car for those looking for a dependable, comfortable ride.

It’s stylish, offers a smooth ride, and can always be upgraded to the 2018 model to enjoy the benefits of Apple CarPlay.

Why Does My Mercedes Not Have Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay is a feature that is offered in many cars, but not all.

It is likely that your Mercedes does not have Apple CarPlay due to the age or model of your car.

Apple CarPlay is available in newer models of Mercedes vehicles, but may not be included in an older model or version.

In addition, Apple CarPlay requires a compatible infotainment system to use the feature.

If your car does not have a compatible infotainment system, then Apple CarPlay will not be available.

Finally, some cars come with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature, while others may require you to purchase it as an optional add-on.

If your car does not have Apple CarPlay as an available option, then it is not available for your vehicle.

To sum up, there are three potential reasons why your Mercedes does not have Apple CarPlay. These are: it is not available in your specific model, the infotainment system is not compatible, or it is not available as an option.

How Can I Tell If My Car Has Apple Carplay?

If you’re wondering if your car is equipped with Apple CarPlay, there are several ways to find out.

Check your owner’s manual or the car’s infotainment system display for the CarPlay logo (a white circle with a black Apple logo in the middle).

This logo is usually located near the center console or the steering wheel.

You can also use your iPhone to check if your car is listed in the Settings app.

Simply connect your iPhone to the car via USB cable, launch the Settings app, select the “General” option, and then select the “CarPlay” option.

Alternatively, you can also check the car’s official website or contact the dealership or manufacturer for more information.

Does My Mercedes C Class Have Apple Carplay?

The answer to whether your Mercedes C-Class has Apple CarPlay depends on the model year and trim level of your vehicle.

Models from 2016 onwards with the COMAND system installed may have CarPlay capability.

To confirm this, consult your owners manual or contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Not all C-Class models are created equal when it comes to CarPlay.

Some may have an older version of the COMAND system that is not compatible with CarPlay, while others may require an additional upgrade to use CarPlay.

For those models that are compatible, the installation process is easy.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the COMAND system installed, then connect your iPhone to the USB port and start using CarPlay.

In conclusion, whether your Mercedes C-Class has Apple CarPlay or not depends on the model year and trim level of your vehicle.

2016 and newer models with the COMAND system installed should have CarPlay capability, while older models and those without the COMAND system will not.

How Do I Activate Carplay?

CarPlay is an incredibly useful feature that lets you access maps, music, apps, and other information from your car’s dashboard.

Activating CarPlay is straightforward and only requires a few steps.

First, make sure your car is compatible with CarPlay.

You can check online to see if your vehicle is compatible.

Once you’ve confirmed that your car supports CarPlay, connect your iPhone to your car.

You can do this either with a USB cable or wirelessly, depending on your car type.

After connecting your iPhone, you should see the CarPlay icon appear on your car’s dashboard.

If you don’t see the icon, you may need to go into your car’s settings and select the CarPlay option.

If the icon still doesn’t appear, you may need to check for a software update for your car or consult your car’s manual.

Once you find the icon, tap on it to activate CarPlay.

You may need to provide your Apple ID and password.

Once logged in, you can access all the apps, maps, music, and other information available through CarPlay.

CarPlay can be a great addition to your car’s dashboard and make driving a more enjoyable experience.

Activating CarPlay is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Final Thoughts

Mercedes Benz is one of the leading automakers when it comes to technology, and now you know that they offer Apple CarPlay in many of their vehicles.

With Apple CarPlay, you can stay connected to your favorite apps, navigation systems, and music while on the go.

Now that you know more about Apple CarPlay and which Mercedes Benz models are compatible with the feature, you can make an informed decision when choosing your next vehicle.


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